Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crimes in Paris - Check it out!!

Hey there!

So I thought I would make a post about an awesome band who has been working so hard on their new album. Check out this video by a Canadian band called Crimes in Paris! I went to grade 8 graduation with the lead singer (well left my graduation and went to his with him... ha ha ha!), and went to high school with all these guys! They are sooooooo talented! I remember even in public school all these guys having a passion for music and being in various bands together, which spread throughout high school, university and now they are really following their dreams and being quite successful! I know they are going to be something big!! I can feel it! Thanks again for posting the video on my wall Rayce!! :)
(Crimes in Paris - Modern Ghost Stories)
Click here to check out their video for "Running Ink"!!
Check out their WebsiteMySpace and Twitter!
To buy their new album Modern Ghost Stories on iTunes, click here

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