Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy bee update!

So the last few days have been a bit busy! Sorry for no posts!

Sunday: I was sick with what I think was the flu :( So I was in bed all day, sleeping on and off, and watching TV online.

Monday: I woke up and felt great! Went for a run after dropping the little one of at school, did 4 laps + running to and from park! Pretty pumped :) Then after a busy day, I went out for dinner with a friend. We decided to hear to Sacré Coeur to watch the sun go down and have a few Heinekens on the steps overlooking the city! It was absolutely beautiful (however my camera doesn't take good night shots so I don't have a photo of the city light up at night... trust me tho... it was BEAUTIFUL!!)
(Sacré Coeur lit up at night)
After hanging out at Sacré Coeur we decided it was time for dinner! We found a quaint little place (don't remember the name) as we wandered back down the hill. The sign said they served food with a "southwestern twist" so we thought.. hey why not! Well, I decided to get a salad with tomatoes, warm goat cheese and what I thought was a side of fries... OH BOY WAS I WRONG! It was a salad... well tomatoes and goat cheese were on it... under a MOUNTAIN of potato chip like fries! So I had to dig under all the chips to eat my salad. Needless to say... I ate about half and enjoyed the bottle of Rose we ordered! And then it was time for dessert which I have not had in France yet (unless you count pain au chocolat, Maison du Chocolat chocolate, and ice cream dessert)... so I decided I would! Yummm fresh crème brûlée!!!! It was deliciousssssssssssss! 

Then I came home slightly tipsy and skyped with my mom and dad. And well... lets just say they were entertained! Ha ha! Sorry mom!!

Tuesday: Jill took me to find a few stores not to far from home which was great! Alison White is my new favourite store here in Paris! Such neat trendy stuff!! I bought a few things... boots, flats, a hat, and a shirt! Then she took me to the FNAC which is a big department like store for books, electronics, and so on! It was pretty neat... and as of next week I will have a european charger for my MacBook so I don't have to keep using an adaptor. I also went grocery shopping and hit the markets for some fresh fruit and veg! :)

Anyways! Thats about it for this week! Oh and today we went to the Racing... which is a really neat Country Club type place in Paris. It reminds me a bit of Lake Joe Club or Muskoka Lakes back home. Here they have 2 olympic size swimming pools, and a like a million tennis courts! Its a really neat place!

Still a few days left to go! So I will be sure to keep updating! :) 

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