Thursday, August 26, 2010

Au Revoir Canada, Bonjour Paris!!!

So I have arrived in Paris! :) Today was a wonderful day! After landing at Charles de Gaulle at 9:40am, getting through customs, getting my luggage, and finding a cab, I made it to the house by 11:30am! Great timing! To my surprise when I arrived, the children I am staying with left immediately and returned with a surprise for me - my first taste of Paris - pain au chocolat! So we sat, had tea and ate our pain au chocolat! For an 8 and 10 year old, the two were just like miniature adults! So proper, polite and helpful! Within 20 minutes of spending time with them I felt as if I had known them both for years - old souls, I guess!! After eating the delicious treat I got a tour of the house, then we went on a tour of the neighbourhood. We went to their favourite bakery, met their favourite cheese man (had some wonderful emmental & mimolette), their butcher, their dry cleaner and went to the market to get fresh produce. Following that I had my first experience with Monoprix. Basically a miniature version of Walmart - they have a grocery store, clothing, pharmacy stuff and so on. This is apparently the best place to get random things like deodorant (where an actual Pharmacy will charge 12 Euros = $20!!!!!). After our day of adventuring, I took the kids to Parc de Monceau (my new place to run). We played tag for an hour and had a great little time! Then we went back home, and out again to run some more errands - one of which included a stop at La Maison du Chocolat!! They have the best chocolate I have ever tasted!! After that I got settled in my room and finally unpacked! Long day! Need to sleep soon since it is 10 pm!!

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